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Its been too long......

2009-10-31 05:45:09 by TheImortalCJ

and it probably will not meen I stay either. Ive been doing alot of things on youtube with my channel and one with my freinds. If yd like to go see them go to:
Mine: CJ
RL Productions: ctions

Yea....very into media right now so probably wont do much. Cya later :D hopefully

Dont be a cheap bastard

2009-07-11 11:40:47 by TheImortalCJ

Watch my youtube video! qpBI


2009-07-05 09:50:30 by TheImortalCJ

Torchwood season three is about to be aired in the uk and i cant wait even one more day. This is why i am so exited. see 4 ur selfs.

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Now thats just anoying

2009-06-28 13:16:13 by TheImortalCJ

I have submitted a loop to the audio portal but it has been about a week and still it is not up. I'm annoyed ):

Now thats just anoying

And Now

2009-06-26 02:35:49 by TheImortalCJ

Michael Jackson is now dead arfter a suspected heart attack. He will be missed by many people he inspired but some may say good ridons. Well personally i think it was coming with all the chemicals to make him white but his ealier life was better. This is a tribute. Mabye some people could do a collaberation to hourer him or somthing.

I wonder.........

2009-06-21 08:44:33 by TheImortalCJ

Will anyone actually pay attention to me this time or will i just be another user and have no friends ): Anyone like to be friends? ^^ i am so desperate

I wonder.........

I have just started a new account since i screwed up my old one cj....somthing but it was crap so secong time lucky ^^

Hi 4 a second time in my life ^^